Montage Deer Valley

As most of the country in covered in snow, I thought it would be appropriate to start this year off with a new mountain resort I shot a few weeks ago.  Situated on what can only be called the world’s nicest site, the new Montage Deer Valley pretty much has an entire mountain to itself.

While many people aren’t familiar with the Montage brand of resorts, you soon will be.  I’ve had the pleasure of shooting their resort in Laguna Beach as well as Beverly Hills.  Marketed as a hyper luxury resort (I’m currently working on trying to copyright that phase!) the Montage properties do not disspoint.  I would put them up against a Four Season or Ritz Carlton any day of the week.  On top of being visually stunning, the service at Montage properties are incredible, you really get the feeling that their employee’s sole purpose in life is to make you happy.

And speaking of their employees, let me first say that this shoot would not of been possible without the incredible effort and cooperation from the Montage Deer Valley staff.  To get ready for the onslaught of press releases and publications, it’s often necessary to shoot a project prior to being opened.

Anyone who has been involved with even a small residential project knows that the weeks/days/hours leading up to the opening or completion of a project is quite a mess and sometimes can lead you to believe you are in fact months away from being done and not hours.  With over 1200 people on site each day to wrap up the resort in the final week of construction, getting a clear shot can be quite a challenge.  Needless to say there were very long days and lots of post production.

Even with morning temperatures reading 5 below zero, there’s not much that will stop me from hiking up closed roads to get the shot.  Good news though, the shot from that mountain journey is being selected as Montage’s new signature shot for the resort which I couldn’t be more honored by.  So without further adieu, I give you the new Montage Deer Valley!

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