Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 1
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 2
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 3
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 4
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 5



And now for something completely different.  As those close to me know, I shoot a lot of healthcare.  Most of the time I’m too busy to post about all the shoots I’m doing but this project just had to get posted.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot the new University Hospital’s Ahuja Medical Center outside of Cleveland.  This thing is a beauty.  I’ll post more shots and details about the hospital but I thought I’d try to sneak in a blog post prior to boarding my flight back home after a week of shooting on the east coast and in the south.  Enjoy!

Four Seasons Vail: the follow up shoot

This week I’m in Vail for an additional shoot for the newly opened Four Seasons that I shot prior to opening back in November (check out shots from that shoot here).  After getting stuck in Denver due to a nasty snow storm that shut down I-70 I finally got the Vail the next day.  Was great being back at the resort, felt like seeing an old friend.  Enjoy the candid shot from this morning after my dawn shoot.  I must say, editing fireside with hot coffee and fresh muffins is pretty spectacular.   I’ll post more later.

A tale of two very different climates

This morning I left a very sunny and idyllic San Francisco for an incredibly snowy and gray Salt Lake City en route to Deer Valley for a follow up shoot of the newly opened Montage Deer Valley Resort (read about the previous shoot here).  Good news is the skies are supposed to clear tonight and tomorrow’s dawn shot should reveal a lovely winter wonderland.  Until then enjoy seeing what  difference a few hours can make.


Rosewood Sandhill : Where Silicon Valley Goes to Rub Elbows

Right before we started to lose the beautiful fall foliage, I had the pleasure of shooting the new Rosewood Sandhill hotel in Palo Alto.  Developed in conjunction with Sanford University, the hotel is overflowing with brainpower and money.  Come by the hotel bar during the week and prepare for a standing room only crowd of venture capitalists, young tech visionaries, and a cornucopia of other talent from the valley, all overflowing from the bar, to the lobby lounge, and out to the many terraces that overlooks the rolling hills of Palo Alto and Menlo Park.  Enjoy the images of another fantastic Rosewood hotel.

Updates regarding “The Gallery” section

There are going to be a few changes to “The Gallery” posts that many of you  have come to know and love.  Showing off a full shoot is one of my favorite things to do.  So often it difficult to really share an entire project with just a few images.  The downside to this is these posts are incredibly image/storage intensive.  My currently gallery system that piggybacks of my website is reaching critical mass on it’s image storage limitations.

So there is some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that I’m going to have to cut back on the gallery posts for the next few months.  To replace them I’ll be sharing more images that are embedded in to the blog posts.  The good news is that my site and the infrastructure it’s built on is being rebuilt and will soon offer limitless galleries and also will be flash free so you can have the same great desktop experience on your mobile device via crafty HTML 5 coding.

Lots of great stuff coming up but I wanted to fill you all in on what the gallery posts have been a little lean these days.

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick: Spring is in the Air

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at the new Arizona Diamondback’s and the Colorado Rockie’s spring training facility outside of Scottsdale Arizona.  As most of the country is still struggling with foul weather, it’s become popular for Major League teams to retreat to warmer climates like Arizona and Florida so they can have uninterrupted spring training sessions.  I’ve always love shooting in Arizona in the fall, winter, and spring (it’s the summer that’s not so delightful!).  Something about the crisp, dry, desert air.  Very refreshing.

Enough about how much I love the desert climate, enjoy the images of the new facility.


City Center: B&W

Inspired by some really stunning black and white work that I had seen recently I started playing around with some old work to see if I could rekindle some of that darkroom magic I once was so mesmerized by.  I’m going to try to share more of these in the future as I think they are nice twist on the vibrant color work I shoot.

This shot comes from last year’s shoot at Las Vegas’s City Center project.  You can check out more shots from that shoot here.  Enjoy.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday: Cowboys Stadium Revisited

While the entire country/world is scratching their heads about the snow covered visuals being shown of Cowboys Stadium who is playing host to this year’s Super Bowl, I thought I’d present something a little different, nice, dramatic, and non snow filled shots of the stadium.

In 2009/2010 I spent quite a bit of time photographing the new stadium.  You can read all about the shoot here on the blog 1,2,3.  As you all have heard by now, this things a real monster.  I’m not even going to begin to go through the facts and figures about how big it is because I’m sure you’ve heard them all.  So instead I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots as well as a link to the gallery that has all the images from the shoot.  Enjoy

Capella Pedregal : Preview

Right before the Christmas holiday I got the change to head down to Cabo San Lucas and photograph the lovely Capella Pedregal.  I was actually supposed to shoot this project several times over the last 16 months but it got sidelined due to a couple hurricanes and some scheduling conflicts.

The crazy part about Capella Pedregal was the site.  The developer and the design team realized there was an incredible stretch of beach that would be perfect for their property, there was just one problem, a mountain.  Yep, you read that correct, there was a mountain that was hiding this stunning strip of beach close to downtown Cabo.  The solution involved a very long and painstaking process of drilling out a hole through the mountain so you could drive through to the other side.  Their efforts were rewarded though by a striking piece of property to situate their resort on.

The final shots aren’t quite ready yet but I thought you all would enjoy a teaser.

Who says winter has to be cold?

It’s quite surreal having 85 degree weather in the dead of winter as most of the east coast and the south are parylized by snow storms.  This week I’m down in Huatulco Mexico shooting the model unit for the Celeste Residences and Spa that are under construction.  Scheduled to open up in December of 2011 the project will have 21 condos spread out between 7 buildings, all sharing an unreal private beach.

Since the project isn’t finished we are staying up the mountain at the developer’s mansion that overlooks the site.  Needless to say life is good when you have 360 degree views of the ocean and a full staff cooking you meals.

While I don’t have images of the project to share yet, I thought you all would enjoy some quick iphone shots from the grounds.  Enjoy

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